Blogging is power

Today, blogs are a trendy and valued medium, and the fashion industry is putting down its’ skinny latte and taking notice. Bloggers are the unbiased opinion closing the gap between the industry and the consumers it depends on.

Once upon a time however, a blog was merely a means for someone to voice an opinion, and every blog, really, starts out this way. There is an element of honesty and innocence attached to the idea of one person letting their raw opinions loose on the World Wide Web.

The informality and familiarity between a blogger and its readers, the relationship generated, has been identified by the fashion industry as a valuable medium for targeting new clients. Readers follow blogs that they identify with, who’s opinions they value and are therefore largely influenced by these opinions.

Fashion blogs are becoming trend setters above the industry. Bloggers do the work that consumers don’t have the time or effort to do, filtering through the myriad of designs produced and promoting the selection that they value the most.

Today, the fashion industry is clamouring for bloggers and the potential clients they bring with them, to the point where fashion companies with the clout of Bottega Veneta and Chloe are seeking out bloggers to comment on an event, a new item, basically, to generate publicity.


2 thoughts on “Blogging is power

  1. jennyhn says:

    Great post Loretta. Have to agree with you about the idea that fashion bloggers are the trend setters. I mean, years ago it was A-list celebrities sitting in the front row of shows, now its filled with bloggers!

  2. jennyhn says:

    Also, it is interesting to note how blogging has been such a powerful tool for ‘netizens’ or fashion followers to freely voice their opinions and make such content so easily accesible as opposed to having to wait weeks for the new issue of Vogue. It is essentially free publicity for designers – they should be grateful that bloggers allow for fashion to reach new audiences instantly.

    Check out my latest post about social media and fashion:

    x Jenny

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