Has the Grim Reaper come for PR?

Is traditional public relations dead? There was a time where PR was limited to the sending of media releases, launching an even- a fun run or charity ball, or celebrity endorsements.

However, engaging an agency to organise an event or get your name in the paper is no longer enough. There is a need to target the public across all media platforms and today these include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr, YouTube to name but a few.

The public want their interest piqued, we crave the different, original and the shocking and we crave it instantly, in an easy to consume, time efficient way.

This is why magazines like Marie Claire have actively engaged with new tools of communication, why we are seeing traditional organisations with history, such as David Jones launching online shopping websites and why traditional forms of PR, such as a magazine launch, can be promoted through a blog.

The concern here is whether these developments leading to the death of traditional PR?

I’m inclined to say no. A celebrity with the clout of Miranda Kerr or George Clooney can still pull a crowd and generate results for the organisations they represent.


Sourced from davidjones.com.au

However, while the traditional PR is by no means irrelevant, it definitely needs to and and has adapted to be able to reach the public across all mediums.

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One thought on “Has the Grim Reaper come for PR?

  1. skin4men says:

    Miranda Kerr is sooo hot!

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